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10. Oktober @ 21:00

NEØV (Indie | Kuopio, FIN)
“Soft Atlas” Tour 2024
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Following the critical praise and radio rotation (Radio Eins, Ego FM) of their previous releases, NEØV will tour in Germany twice this year. After June’s mini-tour to promote the new singles “Softer” and “Feel” there will be a longer album release tour in October, featuring shows in Berlin, Hamburg and Nürnberg Pop.

NEØV Tour Dates:
05.06.2024 Wiesbaden, Kreativfabrik
06.06.2024 Cologne, Helios37
07.06.2024 Langenberg, KGB
08.06.2024 Alfeld (Leine), Alfeld-Rockt
30.09.2024 Berlin, Schokoladen
01.10.2024 Hanover, Glocksee
02.10.2024 Hamburg, Molotow
04.10.2024 Bremen, MS Loretta
05.10.2024 Krefeld, Kulturrampe
08.10.2024 Karlsruhe, Jubez
09.10.2024 Hildesheim, Club VEB / Kufa Löseke
10.10.2024 Göttingen, Nörgelbuff
11.10.2024 Nuremberg, Nürnberg Pop
12.10.2024 Ulm, Gold

Among many talented and promising acts emerging from Finland’s burgeoning indie scene recently, there has been one name that has embodied the sound of this new wave of Nordic indie more than any other – NEØV. On their new record “Soft Atlas” they embrace all the virtues and trademarks that made them become ambassadors of Finnish indie pop in recent years, adding yet another layer of northern magic, soaring melodies and wistful poetry.
Since their formation back in 2008, brothers Anssi and Samuli Neuvonen have been constantly exploring their expansive sound, releasing four enrapturing albums so far. “This constellation allows us to express our vision freely and stay true to what kind of music we believe in. No compromises are needed,” the brothers say of their partnership. Their steps were impressive since starting out in a small town called Juankoski in the middle of the vast Finnish Lakeland. They were playing more and more festivals, touring through half of Europe and getting more and more radio airplay. Then Covid hit. And brought the band to a painstakingly brutal halt. “It was a test for us,” Anssi remembers.
“How much do we believe in ourselves? What kind of music do we want to create? Usually, there’s been some kind of outer pull for our next thing – a confirmed studio session or tour dates, something to keep us busy. But this time we had to face ourselves with empty calendars. And as a result, we wanted to make an album we’ve always dreamed of, in the way we’ve dreamed of.” That being said, they teamed up with Birgir Jón Birgisson (Sigur Ros, Björk) at legendary Sundlaugin studio in Iceland, fulfilling a lifelong dream of recording an album there. The result is a wonderful, bittersweet, achingly beautiful, soaring, floating work, instilled with a new aura of mystery, a texture of sorts that also permeates all of the Sigur Rós albums that came to life there.


10. Oktober

Weitere Angaben

18,00 Euro
14,00 Euro zzgl. Gebühren
VVK: 1,00 Euro zzgl. Gebühren // AK: frei!


Gronerstraße 23
Göttingen, 37073 Deutschland
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